Winter Solstice 2016

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Winter Solstice 2016

"Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful." Margaret J. Wheatley


The Winter Solstice is a time to hibernate, be with loved ones and share what we have with others. This year, in particular, it is also a time to think and pray for those who are suffering and where possible to support them.


At the beginning of this solstice, Mercury is retrograde, so we are being given an extra opportunity to reflect, work on being grounded as well as working on our shadow - self-honesty will move us forwards. As emotions can run high as this time of year, it is important to be sensitive to other people's feelings and reserve judgement till action is, possibly, necessary. Weighing up situations as opposed to giving in to frustration will really help to prevent "accidents" of any kind. It is good to remember that our values can differ which  doesn't mean they are wrong but priorities may vary.


Our focus, at the moment, is about non-materialistic goals and reflecting on our sense of purpose more than anything else. How do we use our personal power? How do we use our "voice"? Are we nurturing ourselves in order to be effective? Who do we consider allies so that we can work together and be more effective in supporting others? Being aware of our strengths and weaknesses will help us make the right choices with honourable discernment.


Having listened more carefully to the "messages", we will be able to advance gently with renewed faith in our collective voice and humanity. The light has a way of ferreting out our shadow so that we can find our balance again.








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