Winter Solstice 2014

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“We are like caterpillars contemplating pupation. No longer will I chew on the cabbage leaves. No longer will I spend my time moving around on the underside of the foliage. Life must be a preparation for the transition to another dimension …” Terence McKenna


The Winter Solstice is a time to rest, nurture and reflect. This year it is particularly about gathering strength, nurturing our intuition and consolidating what we have learned from the past years. It will be more obvious than ever that we are stepping out into the unknown around mid-solstice (1st February). There is a strong sense that we need to be prepared for the unexpected.


Traditionally this was a time to look at the seeds we will need to plant for the year to come. Use this metaphor for all areas of your life particularly around self-care and the spiritual tools that work for you.  Remember also that certain plants self seed and others appear unexpectedly which can mirror thinking outside of the box. Trust you have enough in order to travel light, the Universe is a generous giver especially at times of transition as long as we are "AWAKE".


Many truths will be revealed within our personal environment (as well as the outside world) and it is important to remember to stay centered around these revelations. They are simply revelations and it will be our perception that will colour our responses. One of the challenges will be to work through our issues of loss and how our fears of loss can stop us from expanding and taking “appropriate risks”. Being able to trust our intuition as well as our logic will be vital during this time of significant transition. Time and time again it will be important to connect with what supports us, helps us to rebalance our energies and come back to a peaceful place within ourselves. Most importantly to remember to stay in the here and now, that this is the only reality.


When we trust that all our needs are met spiritually within us, we can move forwards and our vision is unlimited. One of the important messages of this solstice is “don’t panic” – hold steady, reserve your judgment and avoid going into sacrifice in order to help others.  Energies will feel chaotic at times and in order to get a sense of the bigger picture we need to stay grounded and paradoxically that will allow us to focus, be flexible. And be able to do the next right thing for all concerned.


For a while now the message has been around our self-care, thinking outside of the box and using the “tools” that work for us. Early solstice is a time to make sure that you are truly putting this into practice. You will also be reminded of some of the aspects of your spiritual practice that you may have forgotten. (see side panel for SMELL THE ROSES)


Travel light and in peace. Enjoy the transition …

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