Winter Solstice 2013

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Now are the woods all black,                                                                                                                                                                                                       But still the sky is blue.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Marcel Proust – Swan’s Way


The Winter Solstice is always a good time for reflection, letting go and preparing for the year to come. This Solstice, the focus is on how we deal with the “past”: do we reflect and celebrate wonderful memories, do we value the lessons we have learned and bring that learning into the present, do we get stuck in holding onto the past, do we get stuck in nostalgia, how do you perceive the past? Old friends, old relationships may reappear for us to heal. We may revisit old places physically or memories may be triggered randomly.  This is then a great opportunity to clear family karma and negative self-fulfilling prophecies. There is a sense that this can be done with ease and we can leave space for new energies to come in merging with what we need from the past.


We are evolving collectively at an accelerated speed and need to be as “light” as possible. Facing the challenges of this Solstice with grace will help as there will be times when you may experience jealousy, at best envy, resentfulness of other people’s success and self-righteous anger either on the receiving end or within yourself.


Possibly some aggressive outbursts will manifest as people can no longer contain old resentments and it is important to stay grounded and use your spiritual protection tools daily as retaliation will fuel the fire (including blaming yourself if the outburst is yours). Rebalancing, resourcing and investing your energy wisely are key. There is an emphasis on being kind and nurturing to yourself and then to others. The underlying message is we need to value the gifts and abilities that we have.


There is also an emphasis on needing affection and attention and being aware of possessiveness. As we all need this, it is a little bit like a relay race with our support and receiving as opposed to going into overwhelm. Patience, tolerance, being creative and improvisation are important elements. The purpose of working through these particular issues is to hold onto our contentment and joy regardless of what may be happening externally – trust the joy and contentment.


There may be fluctuations in energy levels and it is important not to “battle” against the odds to “win”.  These fluctuations are there to help us digest and in the meantime something really positive, that you cannot imagine, may be making its way towards you. Many of you will have noticed a huge increase in synchronisity as our intuition is quickening.  Enjoy ...


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Solstice Colour