Spring Equinox 2015

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Spring Equinox 2015


It is natural for human beings to look forward. Our eyes naturally look ahead. In this sense, we are made for moving towards a goal.”  Daisaku Ikeda


Before we do anything, we need to make sure that we have identified any unfinished business. At the beginning of the Equinox we need to ensure that we de-clutter and deal with the unfinished business to the best of our ability. This is at all levels – spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. This is now of the utmost importance and will significantly hold you back if it is not done. The first step with all this work starts with acknowledgement and asking for help.


More than ever this year the Equinox is about setting our goals in life. We will need an adventurous spirit, spontaneity and above all – stamina. Watch out for the tension between being highly creative and impulsive as opposed to sharp, practical and a need to assimilate.


You may already sense that you have been studying ancient teachings and cultures, (or you may need to) in order to give birth to some scientifically backed up goals. Here too there will be a tension between not suppressing deeply felt emotions and not allowing them to become destructive. If used well they will lead to ‘unconventional’ thinking, and possibly, unconventional relationships.


The overall message of this Equinox is to keep everything squeaky clean. Honesty and ingenuity as opposed to love of power. However, take time throughout to digest as you discover more things that are hidden. There will be a sense of justice, which will take its own course. Towards the end of the Equinox you will have a sense of completeness, a medicine bundle, and more than anything, a sense of joy. It is important that you reflect periodically. Remember that it was the mouse that chewed through the ropes to release the lion. Another strong message of this Equinox is balancing your right and left brain.


Enjoy the journey.