Spring Equinox 2014

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Spring Equinox 2014

“One’s duty is to feel what is great, cherish the beautiful, and not accept all the conventions of society with the ignominy that it imposes upon us.” Gustave Flaubert, Madame Bovary


The Spring Equinox is always about new beginnings and as we know we are reminded of this by nature. This year this aspect is being underlined in every area of our lives. The energy of this Equinox is about looking deeply into the very nature of our lives, reflecting on what sustains us and what demotivates us?  What do we trust and what supports us spiritually?


These next three months are about trusting ourselves, our spiritual path and possibly for many of us doing this in “unconventional ways” – in other words our thoughts and actions may initially appear to be illogical to us with the possibility of certainly to others. Work with your intuition first and then bring in some logical analysis, not the other way around.  Things may have a feel of all or nothing, a bit like busses coming all at once or none at all; a feeling of living on the edge and things that we depended on breaking down. The truth is “the system” is breaking down.


It may feel at times that you are living in a disorientating fog of overwhelming emotions but, if you hold steady, we are emerging into an era of freedom and magic with a clear sense of who we are and how we can contribute to the world we live in. Part of this sense of new beginnings may contain some intense electromagnetic energy (similar to lightning, possibly mirrored literally by the weather), therefore it is vital to be as grounded as you can be.  Working on our mental stamina can support us with this. Getting to a place of acceptance of “I don’t understand what is going on” can attract “angels” in many guises to help us with this rebirth – magical midwives.


Two other aspects of this Equinox are healing archaic gender issues – particularly the feminine and how we help others and our intent around that.  Before the Equinox gets into full swing this is a good time to do some healing work on the “feminine”, this applies to both men and women. This is an opportunity to work through any grief issues, re-integrating fragmented aspects of ourselves and particularly how that has come about when we go into survival mode. Part of this challenge is understanding how to integrate female warrior energy as opposed to male warrior energy into ourselves as women and the same for men, i.e. integrating male female energy into the male. This is leading us to a place where we truly meet as men and women and work together.


The last aspect is about how we help others: who do we help, how do we help, what with, what is our intent and when do we NOT help. Are we giving away what we are not giving ourselves?  What is the difference between help and support?  These questions bring up how we balance our personal power and ego well.


These are very exciting times and a great opportunity to clean house and go into the rebirthing process with excitement, creativity and humour – working towards the aspirations that started to emerge in the 60s.


Esoteric meaning of Camellia: Steadfastness, Gratitude, Generosity