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"Our real discoveries come from chaos, from going to the place that looks wrong and stupid and foolish." By Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters


The Spring Equinox traditionally is a joyful time about rebirth and new beginnings. It can sometimes feel as if everything is coming to life at the same time. Trees suddenly blossom or buds becoming delicate leaves overnight.


This Equinox may feel as if we are negotiating about every aspect of our lives. Doing our best to be flexible in this ever changing environment. The Full Moon making us anxious for quick results and yet taking our time is vital.  Within the energy of Spring, it is important to remember there can be unpredictable surprises and people can behave in unconventional ways, including ourselves.


A focus this Equinox may be a strong desire for personal freedom which had been brewing during the winter. Some useful questions could be:  Am I being delusional? What is true? Am I being idealistic? Am I being impetuous? Being grounded and taking our time to reflect/meditate seem to be doubly important.


As it says in the quote our real discoveries come from chaos. It may be wise to work on any unfinished business whether emotional, mental, spiritual or physical in the first half of the Equinox. Letting go of harmful aspects of our shadow and what limits us. Whatever our ambitions are for the future, integrity is highlighted. There may also be a tendency to be dogmatic especially around visionary issues.


Around the 1st of May, the spontaneous and passionate energy of Spring can be very heady and it may be quite challenging to stay grounded. It will be important, however, to laugh at ourselves as we dance in and out of foolishness. Enjoy the creativity of nature and allow it to inspire new ideas.


My vision of this Equinox is a Mad Hatter's Tea Party with Punch and Judy, the Queen of Hearts and a host of Angelic Beings carrying daffodils as guests ! Oh and the White Rabbit weaving in and out saying "I'm late, I'm late".



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