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Nana, we’re ok aren’t we?” “Yes, we are.” Oísin Frankel and his nana


The summer solstice is the longest day and the beginning of the sun’s descent. This year’s solstice arrived with intense tension and the release of this tension may have a temporary unbalancing effect which in itself mirrors the uncertainty of life and the constant adjustments we made during a testing winter (and will continue to make). Some of the celebrations this summer are around how we restabilised ourselves and the lessons learned. Surviving this winter will have brought about a sense of resourcefulness and long lasting personal growth.


This underlines the importance of maintaining our stamina physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. How do we nurture ourselves – do we find this idea self-indulgent as opposed to essential to our being of service to others? Is there virtue in martyrdom and sacrifice? What roles do compassion and kindness play? What enables us to go within ourselves to find out that “Yes, we are ok” regardless of the chaos around us? Have I gone into victim through lack of self-nurturing.


The challenge of this solstice is not to disappear into a spiral of fear and sweeping others into it ,but rather hold onto a sense of purpose, emotional maturity and motivation. Storytelling, recalling the magical moments in our lives and how they have inspired us to “carry on”, can support us. Telling the STORY honestly to others is a way of nurturing the powerful alliances we have with the world around us, friends and family as well as our ancestors. What would we like to offer to this lifetime? At the same time this solstice there may also be issues around how much you expose yourself and how much you hold back and finding where the balance lies. Breaking old unhelpful patterns once and for all.


It is a time to reflect on where do we want to focus our energy for the autumn and what feel worthy causes for us as individuals and communities. During the spring there was a message that there is room for everything and everyone; equally this is also a time to reflect and appreciate all that is foreign, to question our intolerance of what appears to be alien and threatening.


Winter Solstice 2011

"One must draw back in order to leap better.   [Fr., Il faut reculer pour mieux sauter.]  Michel Eyquem de Montaigne

"The extent of your consciousness is limited only by your ability to love and to embrace with your love the space around you, and all it contains. " Napoleon Bonaparte


The first half of this Winter Solstice is particularly about reflection and drawing back. This will set the pace for research and investigation into all aspects of our lives bringing about strong visionary aspirations and sense of direction in order to be as flexible as possible in the future. The second half of the Solstice, around 1st February will be about taking a very precise leap forwards.

As the structures of governments and institutions dismantle, our beliefs will be challenged. What truly serves us and provides an inner source of inspiration in order to help others? There will be opportunities to co-operate with each other and find ways of reconciliation. This dismantling may provoke a desperate desire to hold onto old systems (patterns) and ways of life; in turn this will produce a sense of being trapped in no man’s land. This can also open the door to being easily influenced and pressured by people who appear to know what they are doing. The challenge is to step back, reserve judgement and then decide how to leap - you won’t be alone. This is a collective and deeply personal decision at the same time.

There is an underlying theme of honesty and hard truths to be faced. This can be done with empathy and clean intent rather than “holding the moral high ground” which is usually driven by unaddressed fear. At times of uncertainty and going into the unknown can bring about an unhealthy vagueness (a sense of drowning, overwhelm and disorientation) which in turn can produce impatience and irritation in others. There is an opportunity to heal this through kindness, love and compassion for the fear. Think of what you would do for someone who was literally drowning.

We are giving birth to the strong possibility of attaining peace and resolution in the next few years and this year is the “tipping point”. Our female energy is going through contractions and our male energy wants to take action and somehow we need to get the balance and timing right... A need for midwives as well as spiritual warriors! Notice the change in people’s behaviours and how electrons of “light” are activating in the most unexpected places and in the most surprising circumstances. These will gather momentum during the year. We ALWAYS have choices and anything can CHANGE.


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