These meditations and tools are not superstitions, by doing them or not doing them there is no guarantee of a "good" or "bad" day or outcome - what they can do is connect us to our own intuition and clarity with a sense of calm in order to deal with whatever it is that is happening in our lives. They are a statement of intent, an affirmation in order to value ourselves, those around us and the environment. We clean our homes, weed our gardens, even brush our teeth as an affirmation of the same intent. It is important to adapt these suggestions to your own personality and life style.


The Bear video goes through these tools:

1. A brief cold shower first thing in the morning, sometimes known as "the kiss of angels". SImply run cold water down your back and front from neck height. Do not put your head under cold water; then wash normally.


We detox during the night and that toxic energy can stick to our auric field; toxic energy does not like cold water. By having this shower in the morning (or splashing your body with cold water), your body remembers and if you pick up negative energy during the day you can put your arms in to cold water and splash your face which will revitalize your energy.


2. Spin in a clockwise direction. Spin with your feet slightly apart and soft knees; your right arm stretched in front of you with a soft elbow; your fist closed and thumb pointing upwards; your left arm tucked in your side, palm facing upwards. Before you actually spin visualize tree roots going down from the base of your spine and soles of your feet - this will stabilize you.


Spin very slowly with your eyes open and just for uneven numbers either three or five. When you have stopped, stand still and place your hands at chest level in a praying position and visualize rainbow light flowing through your auric egg. Do not spin if you feel uncertain or unable and simply imagine yourself doing it.


Energy becomes stuck in the layers of our auric egg and spinning can dislodge anything that is no longer useful. Bringing down the rainbow light can revitalize our egg and repair any damage.


3. Recommended Chi Kung exercises are detailed in the book Way of Energy printed by Gaia. The Yoga exercise Greet the Sun is also an excellent way to start the day - both these techniques are best learned with a professional teacher.


These exercises connect you with all the physical aspects of your body and can improve your awareness of your physical body telling you when to slow down and if there is anything you need to check out..


4. Personal Ceremony. The Medicine Wheel video is an example working with the cardinal directions. Added to this we can also hand over our day, ourselves and other people/situations as well as asking only to receive that which we truly need at this time in accordance with the divine plan, divine law directly from the source of light good and true. There are many different ways of doing this and it is important to find one that works for you. .Imagining you are placing everything in a pair of hands or chanting are some examples.


We can use the sacred space that we have created by these ceremonies to decord/transmute energies that are no longer useful and which we have worked through.  These practices are used in many cultures and can enhance our awareness of the world we live in. Our intuition can become stronger and we begin to notice that we are given answers to our questions all the time.


The Fire meditation, Re-energising one and Wise Person meditation can also be useful.





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