Welcome to this site specifically dedicated to the Equinoxes and Solstices. Every three months I produce a write-up for the current equinox or solstice. I primarily draw them up through a combination of astrology, meditation, traditional and seasonal observations.


Four times a year the seasons change at the Equinoxes and Solstices. Looking at what this season means to you, what is happening in nature and the environment can be helpful in understanding how individually we fit into the bigger picture.


There can be a sense of being in alignment with the natural rhythm of the Earth and this in turn can help us maintain a sense of balance when life appears to be turbulent. Meditations and self-care tools can be found on the Meditation Page.


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"Peace is not a state - it is a choice, and you have to remake it every day. It’s possible to get a sort of stability, a habit of peace, but it’s like an egg balanced, spinning, on its point: lose your momentum, and your equilibrium is gone, too. " Nick Harkaway.


As usual it is a time to celebrate the longest day. During the Summer Solstice there is an opportunity to spend as much time as possible in the light as the days become slowly shorter. Whether we are alone, within our community, friends and family we have possibilities to relax, nourish ourselves and others. As nature becomes abundant, and we are more distracted, aspects of our environment can become hidden.  Around 1st of August, Lammas, is an ideal period to pause and reflect on the year so far.


Paradoxically this year feels as if we may need to pause more regularly (dare I say constantly at times) and regroup ‘in order to maintain our balance as what is becoming hidden is pushed to the surface to be dealt with. The above quote feels very apt. There is a sense that people will be rubbing against each other in irritation, possibly turning to being argumentative and angry. The image of a series of balls colliding into each other, jostling for power and control but the original reason forgotten with just the behaviour remaining. Ideally when it is irritation, it may be helpful to remember that pearls are formed by a grain of sand creating irritation in the inside of a shell. Turning our back on the external source of irritation/frustration and asking ourselves if we are disturbed by something internal and what can we do about it, may help. Some of this frustration could be we have a feeling of ‘snakes and ladders’ - being on the brink of starting new projects or making significant changes then sliding backwards. Like the game we get there in the end and there are always ladders on the way.


We have the capacity to be diplomatic, resourceful, self-disciplined and can have the awareness and willingness to ask for help and support to embody these qualities. It is up to us. The expression “even the pope has a confessor” comes to mind and talking something through with someone we trust can be very helpful in particular this Solstice. All forms of creativity can also release irritation/frustration. There is a sense too that there could be gender conflicts ping ponging during the Summer in an attempt to rebalance the status quo. This has been happening globally but is affecting personal relationships, friendships and communities sometimes subtly, sometimes more overtly. A sign of this will be around issues of respect. Whatever happens this tension needs to be released appropriately as opposed to pushing it down, allowing it to fester or exploding. With a desire for change we can go too far.


The focus this Solstice is to allow time for healing to take place, listen to each other. Renewing our desire for peace internally and externally every day. Interestingly allowing ourselves to be hydrated literally and metaphorically in ever area of our lives. We have been at a critical stage of our personal development for a long time and we need to celebrate the changes we have made as well as what we still need to do. At times like this, it is important to value the small changes as they are often tipping points to profound changes. Take time out to enjoy all the positives aspects of the Summer and the world we live in.










equinox 18 Summer Solstice 18

Autumnal Equinox 2018


 ‘Collaboration has no hierarchy. The sun collaborates with soil to bring flowers on the earth. ‘ Amit Ray


The Autumnal Equinox is always about bringing in the harvest and gathering seeds. The weather is often unpredictable. This applies not only physically but spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Collaboration and clear communication is vital to timing. Timing is vital to positive outcomes. Collaboration is the main focus of this Equinox whether it is within the family, friends, communities and in the wider world.


We are living in turbulent times and there can be a sense of inconsistency, indecision and misunderstanding leading to arguments and discord, especially when fear and anger are out of balance. There is a deep desire to change the world we live in but this Equinox there is definitely a message that this needs to be tempered with grounded logic - not easy when high emotions are evoked and a love of power within the ego can be sometimes disguised as “being right”.The paradox is using visionary skills through peaceful contemplation and being practical at the same time.


This time of year is about balance and as Leonard Cohen said "There is a crack in everything, that is how the light gets in". Throughout the day we can find that crack, disappear for a few minutes, release any overwhelm, and recharge spiritual batteries through our spiritual practice. By doing this we can see things with more clarity, flexibility and perspective. Again a paradox regarding our discernment over our passions and spontaneity when taking action.


There is a strong sense that we are at a tipping point in the rite of passage we have been experiencing for quite some time and change is inevitable. What that change will be is our responsibility individually and collectively. Forgiveness, respect and collaboration seem to be the keys to loving resolutions.