Summer Solstice 2020


‘We may not be responsible for the world that created our minds, but we can take responsibility for the mind with which we create our world.’ Dr. Gabor Maté


The Summer Solstice is usually a time to celebrate achievements. This year more than ever it is important to acknowledge not only achievements in the literal sense but also overcoming any form of adversity to reinforce your stamina and allowing this reinforcement to be a healing balm. The next six months are going to continue to be turbulent as we inevitably head towards change and rebirth.


This Solstice is about finding YOUR TRUTH internally. It feels like sitting in the centre of a wild intersection in your mind, like the Shibuya crossing in Tokyo, and meditating regardless to find this truth without bias! Crossing this intersection is gaslighting from others and yourself, spiritual “bypassing” encouraged even by wise people and yourself. Both sowing seeds of doubt on one side, convincing certainty on another tinged with fears and anger including “justified outrage”, added to the mix judgement. No wonder there is a sense of overwhelm for many or a desire of permanent cocooning for others. Self-honesty and acknowledging our own shadow seems to be the key. Remember when we point a finger, there are three pointing back at us, this can be very salient right now.


Suspending judgement, staying flexible, whilst we sit in the middle of this turbulence can be helpful as we release our own illusions, fixed opinions.  Mid solstice is always a good time for re-evaluation. This year it starts right from the beginning of the solstice. It is not about believing others, as we pause, but discerning what is truly in our heart. What is our sense of purpose truly about? Revisiting our beliefs, not imposing our beliefs on others,  questioning what serves us, what doesn’t? Do we actually put into practice our spiritual disciplines, do we need to up them, simplify them, change them - are we using them to “spiritually bypass” working through painful emotions, home truths? Are we taking personal responsibility? Are we diverting our feelings inappropriately? What kind of support do we need in order to take personal responsibility?


One of the messages of this solstice, in these challenging times, is that fear is being used as a marketing tool in the commercial, political, media and spiritual worlds fuelling greater fear or anger, turning to rage, followed by  offering “solutions”. Added to this, secrets are continuing to spill out within families and in the public arena causing more drama. Our desire for certainty can make us vulnerable and quick to be drawn to these solutions. Remember there is a space between our thoughts and feelings and who we are, emphasising the significance of finding OUR INDIVIDUAL TRUTH. Once we have done the internal work, it will be time to dialogue, digest, dialogue again and make flexible decisions around solutions individually as well as globally - we are all in this together ...