Equinoxes 2012

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Spring Equinox 2012

Let ourselves be seen. Deeply seen, vulnerably seen. Love with our whole heart, even though there is no guarantee. Practice gratitude and joy. Believe we are enough

From a talk by Brene Brown on the Power of Vulnerability sent to me just in time for the Equinox http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCvmsMzlF7o


The Spring Equinox is full of paradox from the unexpected to the familiar – nature reminds us that this is also happening in our lives. Over recent years it has become more and more apparent how fragmented we are and this was particularly true last year with the bush fire of the “Arab Spring” and its consequences. Throughout nature there are many examples of how out of fiery eruptions there comes creativity and new life.


This equinox we are being given a golden opportunity to connect with our ability to heal deeply buried issues once and for all, including at a cellular level. A strong desire is emerging again to heal old wounds and issues. The opportunities are there as this equinox opens a doorway to access all the tools that are available.


During this equinox there is time to clear the “barnacles” hidden beneath the surface of our lives so that all the fragments can form a whole – that we become whole as opposed to withdrawing and isolating, feeding hidden fears and resentments. Becoming fearlessly honest with ourselves and clearing the barnacles can be painful to begin with and yet our innate need for survival, to love and be loved can support us in taking the initial risks. Part of the fragmentation is around inner conflicts and how we make subsequent choices. Believing we are truly enough can take us to a place where we can “sail” more smoothly to resolve these conflicts with our heart as well as our mind.


There is a sense of bringing forward all the positive energy that emerged in the 60s for personal freedom, justice, love and peace in a realistic way as opposed to staying stuck in the dream. It is as if the 60s was the inspiration and preparation for now. In the meantime we have been learning what works and what doesn’t work. During the three months till the Summer Solstice there are many opportunities to move forwards, chose our destiny, individually and collectively, and prepare well for the future.




Glastonbury 377 Grasshopper 3 Grasshopper 3


“How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.”  ~Wayne Dyer


Well it is harvest time again and the questions to ask ourselves are: what am I harvesting and what am I going to do with the harvest? Thinking back to the end of last year and the beginning of this year to now will give some clues, as well as highlighting what we need to let go of.


There is a consensus of opinion that we are not only clearing karma from this lifetime but also from all previous ones. Some of you may be experiencing an impatience with, and judgement of, others and their behaviours. There may be a tendency to react uncharacteristically to this which will be a indication that this is about clearing karma, i.e. what goes around comes around whether we are aware of having behaved liked this ourselves or not. A suggested way to work with this is to accept the behaviour as a gift seeing how unpleasant it is to be on the receiving end of it, to thank the person or situation (silently) for coming up as a way of clearing your own past behaviour. You may then wish to make a commitment to do your best not to repeat this behaviour yourself. You will know that the karma has cleared when the irritation or reaction is no longer there. It is a little like cloud bursting on a grey day, when the sky is clear the earth and everything around you will be illuminated.


Another challenge this equinox will present is to be aware of how you allow people’s opinions of others to influence your own and then possibly overreact to certain situations. This can be very subtle and in the guise of innocent chatter. “What was your listening to the chatter (gossip) about?” Was it about belonging or fear of saying that you don’t agree? Seeing this as another karmic clearing process can help if you get caught in the trap.


All your spiritual practices and tools will support you as all this karma is being cleared and help to hold you steady as you might find yourself wobbling with the rapidity of the events that are helping in clearing old stuff once and for all. As there becomes more space in our energy fields there may be a challenge in finding the balance between your passion and sense of purpose and the domestic and parental (caring/carer) aspects of your lives. At times a combination of your own fears and the collective ones may feel overwhelming and it is important to rigorously transmute them, even visualize cleaving them from your energy field and then transmuting them. This is another reminder to put into practice tools to prevent you from absorbing external negativity.


The gift of grasshopper is very strong this harvest and is there to bring “glad tidings”, prosperity, flexibility, innovation and vision. Use the antennae of grasshopper to see more clearly what your future is holding for you. Remember that the grasshopper is a master of camouflage – your glad tidings may be right in front of your nose or temporarily disguised.


These are exciting times and there is a rising collaboration between scientists and spiritual leaders to find common ground. This is evident everywhere, on the television, radio and books being written as they find a common desire for peace. Clearing  karma is part of harvesting that peaceful journey.