Having been educated at the Lycee in London, I then lived and worked in Italy, France, the United States and England.


 Finally I now divide my time between England and France and always love to travel whenever I can. My long association with the business world is training, management consultancy and public relations. During this time I also had two sons and being a mother, and now a very proud grandmother, has brought me some of the greatest joy in my life. Whilst they were growing up it also challenged me to re-evaluate the work I was doing. This is happening again with the arrival of the next generation....


I travelled a great deal and had the privilege to spend time with and be taught by Native American, Aboriginal, Bedouin and Berber Elders. Their underlying message being that everything is interconnected and nothing exists in isolation. During school holidays we often did “road trips” in Europe connecting with our own very mixed origins and teachings which included from a small child accompanying my grandmother on her visits to the College of Psychic Science and being taught by mediums, elders in their own way. Part of the re-evaluation process was attaining a diploma in Humanistic Psychology amongst other qualifications and together with these personal experiences, a practice as a mentor/life coach began to evolve and has existed for over thirty years.


Ever since childhood, cameras and paints have always been close by – continually fascinated by the play of light and shadow. A love affair with the sun, ruins, peeling paint and pastel shades combined with deep terracotta led me to serve two separate apprenticeships in the early seventies with a painter and a photographer whilst living in Rome.


Many years later my experiences with the Elders together with their encouragement enabled me to integrate my artwork into my practice. Creativity for me is about “Living Art” and its assimilation into our everyday lives not as something apart which then remains static. I still get a thrill from seeing my artwork moving on as it is used in Feng Shui, as book covers and illustrations and a few years ago a dream came true as it was used as imagery throughout the 2004 ICOS Conference: Living Spirit in Self and Society.


Websites: www.chloeaspreyblog.com,  

Dipl.Humanistic Psychology – University of Surrey

Stress Management – University of Surrey

Assertiveness Training – University of Surrey

Addiction Counselling – Promis

Crystal Healing – MICCH, ACHO

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master

Post Compulsory Education & Training – Kingston University

Equine Assisted Therapy

Master NLP Practitione


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