Autumnal Equinos 2015

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Autumnal Equinox 2015


Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth” John F. Kennedy


Harvest time again with its potential storms. As usual, it is really helpful to start off with a desire to be well organised and calm. This may be challenged at times and when this happens remember to re-ground and start again. As this is a time for unsettled weather, so it can be mentally, spiritually and emotionally as well as physically.  There will be a heightened awareness together with an individual strong sense of purpose which may bring with it an intolerance of domestic obligations.


An irritant may also be a scepticism when faced with indecision (either personal or of others). It is best to deal with this with humour rather than going on the defensive or judgement, bringing about a possible seesaw of boasting or low self worth. This whole Equinox is about the “unconventional”.  It is important to concentrate firstly on intuitive problem solving then logic. Being honest about ones weaknesses and strengths is equally of importance; success is going to come about from hard work and patience. There will be no time or place for love of power, judgement or obsessive thinking. Staying positive, amiable and collaborative will get us through.


A sense of something wholesome emerging at a grass roots level is happening. We need to challenge any obstinacy in ourselves. It is vital that we use our individual creativity in whatever form that manifests encouraging the unconventional in every area of our lives from friendships to talents and problem solving. We are giving birth to a New Era of spontaneity and healing. If you encourage the “trail blazer” in yourself and others, the impossible will become possible and this will continue to spread throughout our world. Together we can do what we cannot do alone ...