Welcome to this site specifically dedicated to the Equinoxes and Solstices. Every three months I produce a write-up for the current equinox or solstice. I primarily draw them up through a combination of astrology, meditation, traditional and seasonal observations.

Four times a year the seasons change at the Equinoxes and Solstices. Looking at what this season means to you, what is happening in nature and the environment can be helpful in understanding how individually we fit into the bigger picture.

There can be a sense of being in alignment with the natural rhythm of the Earth and this in turn can help us maintain a sense of balance when life appears to be turbulent. Meditations and self-care tools can be found on the Meditation Page.

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"Without Forgiveness we are lost; with Forgiveness we find our way home." - Anonymous

The Summer Solstice is about celebrating all the hard work and achievements of the past year. It is about spending time with friends and family, then half way through, around 1st August, taking time to pause, reflect and think about what next. However, for many, this Solstice is more acutely tinged with a sense of chaos, confusion and uncertainty. There may also be a profound sense of loss and grief. To balance these challenges, there will be and have been extraordinary acts of selfless courage and human kindness.

Anger and frustration will be like a tinder box this Summer. It is important not to allow ourselves or others to fan those flames. Pontification leads nowhere. Forgiveness is one of the keys of this Solstice. There are many effective ways of achieving this and I have made a very simple meditation that you are welcome to use by clicking here to access it. Somehow continuous forgiveness of ourselves and others can bring us back to our centre, especially during difficult times.

You may have a sense of overwhelm during this Solstice combined with a desire to be left undisturbed - "leave me alone to get on with ...". Perhaps a tension between speaking out and withdrawing from "others". One of the solutions is to meditate and reflect on what action, however small, we can take for ourselves, our family and/or our community. We can do this by using our own personal challenges and how we overcame them as inspiration and motivation. A natural reserve rather than lack of expression can serve us well.

If we trust the timing, and at times finding that patience will be difficult, we stand a chance of finding ourselves in synchronicity with the Universe using clear forms of communication. We have a collective voice that can bring about positive change and resolution. We have witnessed and experienced what happens when we allow the voice of a few to dominate us. We now have access to an intense desire for life - a fresh start, let's use it.

I am happy to say there is now a digital meditation workbook on www.smelltherosesmeditation.com

If you are really busy, find it hard to sustain a meditation practice or feel a "failed meditator", Smell the Roses busts the myths of where, how and when to meditate