Welcome to this site specifically dedicated to the Equinoxes and Solstices. Every three months I produce a write-up for the current equinox or solstice. I primarily draw them up through a combination of astrology, meditation, traditional and seasonal observations.


Four times a year the seasons change at the Equinoxes and Solstices. Looking at what this season means to you, what is happening in nature and the environment can be helpful in understanding how individually we fit into the bigger picture.


There can be a sense of being in alignment with the natural rhythm of the Earth and this in turn can help us maintain a sense of balance when life appears to be turbulent. Meditations and self-care tools can be found on the Meditation Page.


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Autumnal Equinox 2019

We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us. Joseph Campbell


It is bringing in the harvest time again. The Autumnal  Equinox can be unpredictable, whether it is literally to do with the weather, emotions or events outside of our control. Decisions needing to be made around what we need to keep, give away or discard with a certain sense of flexibility and urgency but not panic. As we progress further into the autumn more will come to light/exposed.  Clarity will become more prevalent with time.


A good metaphor for this autumn is to fine tune our skills of being a sailor, navigating our way

through the ever changing seas, being prepared and ready for the unexpected. Staying focused will be vital. Challenges may be misunderstanding others or being misunderstood, moral dilemmas, perceived incompetence and possibly appearing pompous - all these may present themselves as distractions. In contrast, there is a strong message this Equinox to enhance our powers of concentration and our ability to solve difficult issues, discernment around what is the truth and was isn’t. Are we being true to ourselves and our values?



Around 31st October (Samhain/Halloween) is a good time to reflect on what is our primary purpose. If it feels right for you, to ask for guidance from your ancestors or look at lessons learned by their history. It is always advisable to be well grounded and protected whilst doing this, a reminder that the veil between the worlds is nonexistent at this time. This period of reflection can help us broaden our vision for the future and begin gently to take the appropriate action to achieve this.


The above quote about letting go of what WE have planned in order to have the life which is waiting for us is about encouraging us to think and behave differently. This can be with respect in how we express ourselves, being honest and clear about our personal boundaries, listening carefully to other viewpoints, seeing the options available - allowing the resolution of “magic” to take place, combining logic and intuition with grace. Radical change can take place before the winter. Everything depends on how we respond individually to begin with remembering that bringing in the harvest is ultimately a team effort.

Autumn 19