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Four times a year the seasons change at the Equinoxes and Solstices. Looking at what this season means to you, what is happening in nature and the environment can be helpful in understanding how individually we fit into the bigger picture.


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equinox 18

Spring Equinox 22

“We all need space; unless we have it we cannot reach that sense of quiet in which whispers of better things come to us gently.”

Octavia Hill, 1883


The Spring  Equinox is always about celebrating more light and the unfolding of new life. This year it is about rapid change, adjusting to a new way of living for the three months of the Equinox and beyond. Because of the acceleration and seriousness of circumstances, it is important to take time and space to reflect on the choices we have on a daily basis. For some this is a very challenging and devastating time.


This rapid change means that we may need to catch up either physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually within ourselves. As we are unique beings, this will be happening differently for everyone even though the process will be the same. This is not traditionally a time of hibernation, however we are being given an opportunity to do this, acknowledge our fears and to support each other in having a practical look at them. Fear is normal, it is what we do with it that is important. With the help of supportive communities we can find solutions. The tension will be between the reality of the fears and projections, possibly stemming from past traumas.


The issues we are facing are global as well as personal. Hard decisions may need to be made which can appear cold and clinical. Fear can breed negative responses. We are experiencing new forms of powerlessness.

The importance is to have compassion. Loving kindness can be catching. One of the choices we are being given is to be charitable instead of judgemental. Forgiveness seems to be one of the key tools of this Equinox. Forgiving ourselves and others. Within our DNA we have centuries of wisdom. By taking time to breathe deeply and reflect, we can access this wisdom. Hear the gentle whispers of things to come and so build our stamina, resilience and be respectful of other people’s feelings, support each other. Community spirit will keep building. One of the most important messages of this Equinox is how do we sustain the positive changes in the future.


There is a sense this Equinox that, with patience, more and more solutions will be revealed for the future. Those of us who have the opportunity to meditate, in whatever way works for you, do it wholeheartedly for yourself first to give you the energy to help others who will struggle for some time to come.


Allow children to be the amazing spirits they are, to have the best Spring Equinox they can - they are our future. As much fresh air as possible, moving our bodies, laughing which also helps breathing and practising gratitude